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Post  Soldierslim2 on Sat Sep 24, 2011 5:43 pm

-Soldierslim2 (You Can Donate With Xats,Rsgp,Rs Account,Paypal Anything)
1$ per 7 pkp. 1mil per 7 pkp OR 500k per 5pkp
Donor Status
2$-4$. 700-1milrsgp
vesta-400k peice 1.2mil set. 2$ peice 6$ set
statius-400k peice 1.4mil set. 2$ peice 7$ set
morrigan's-300k peice 1mil set. 1$ peice 4$ set
void-400k peice 1.5mil set. 2$ peice 8$ set
colord whip 100k peice (any color there is). 2$ peice
torva-5mil peice 20mil set. 7$ peice 24$ set
primal 7mil peice 30mil set. 8$ peice 26$ set
handcannon 4mil or 8$peice
ill put more soon im to laxy to right now XD


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